"Amanda is a blessing to me."

I had a motor vehicle accident in June of 2009 and thought I would just have to live with the pain and discomfort and lack of flexibility in my shoulders and neck. Amanda is able to focus in on the spots that need attention and free up those areas giving me more range of motion and less pain. She also has the ability to make you feel completely comfortable and special. Thanks, Amanda.

“So very relaxed”

Every time I have had a massage, Amanda remembers just the right amount of pressure to apply. She is very attentive to any tender areas. If there is a kink in a muscle?? It's gone by the time she is through but it's done with such gentleness. I trust her completely. She is amazing. God has gifted her with an incredible touch.

"Prenatal Massage!"

I have gone to Amanda many times before I became pregnant, and she did an absolutely amazing job! Recently I requested a prenatal massage from to help with hip, back, and leg pains. During the massage, she made sure that I was comfortable at all times with pillows and extra support. After the massage was complete I felt like a new woman that wasn't even carrying a child! My pain is relieved, and I will definitely be going back for many more massages with Amanda! Thank you so much!

“Great Massage”

My wife and I both had our first massages with Amanda, and they were great! First time in 5 years I haven't had lower back pain. Thank you!

“Before, I felt fine. After, I felt great.”

My wife bought me a massage for Christmas, but I was feeling great and thought my bones and muscles could feel no better. Amanda worked out kinks I didn't even know I had. After my massage, this 61 year old body felt like it was 18 again.

“So thankful”

I am so very thankful to Amanda for helping me. I'm a chronic pain patient and have been told surgery is not an option for me at this time. I was in severe pain having to use my cane to walk. When Amanda got thru my pain level was significantly reduced. Today I’m not walking with my cane. Go see her. She has a gift from God in those hands. Thank you thank you thank you Amanda.

"Headache and other relief"

I should have written a review long ago! Amanda is a terrific massage therapist. I began having a new type of migraine and her massage gives true relief. She doesn't waste effort - most every touch gets right at a spot that needs relief. Thank you very much Amanda!

"Great Massage"

Thank you Amanda for my first massage, it run Cross Country at Niceville High School and it really helped with my performance, I can't wait to get another one.



For many years I have experienced limited range of motion in my right shoulder. I've sought out physical therapy and chiropractic care. Only with the deep tissue massage from Amanda at True Massage have I found relief of discomfort and a major increase in the range of motion with my right shoulder. A side plus is the relaxation from the massage. I highly recommend Amanda and True Massage.

"Amanda is a true blessing from the Lord!"

True Massage is the perfect name. Amanda is a true blessing from the Lord in my life. I was definitely a skeptic of massage therapy until muscle spasms and a hurt disc brought her name to mind. She immediately came to my aid and I've been receiving therapy from her hands regularly for 2 years. Each visit is different. It always amazes me how she can search, find, and relieve my symptoms. Amanda has been blessed with a balance of true skill, professionalism, and sincere care for her clients.


If I had $1,000 to offer, I would pay that per hour. I have never felt so relaxed in my life. I actually played golf after my massage and hit some of the best shots I've ever hit because I was so loose and relaxed. I almost made a hole in one, and hit a 320 yd drive. If I was a pro golfer, I would bring her on tour with me!


"Very Professional"

For my first visit with Amanda, I couldn't be more pleased with her work. She spoke to me prior to my 60 minute massage to get to understand what brought me to her office, then learned about my lifestyle. This helped her know what needed the most attention. Post massage, we briefly spoke on what she felt when she worked on me, gave me some advice on what to do until I come back. As an avid Ultra Runner, I need a very caring and knowledgeable badass Massage Therapist, and I found her.

"Healing hands"

Amanda has a fabulous healing massage style... I was experiencing serious neck tension that caused migraines near the base of my skull...her technique helped the muscles to release in my neck... A blessed relief after 3 weeks of pain!

"Go. No, really. GO!"

Simply put, Amanda is amazing. I never even have to indicate when she's hit a spot that is bothering me, because her hands are that in tune with what's out of sync with your body. This time I went to her with a calf injury that had me limping, and in pretty pronounced discomfort. After working on my leg, I was able to step right off the table and just about tap dance out of there. She is that amazing. Don't put a visit off another minute!

"Gifted Hands"

At True Massage, you truly will receive a very respectful massage to soothe your aches or pains, and leave you feeling very refreshed and rejuvenated when you leave. Very professional, will put you at ease in very soothing surroundings, and massaged by gifted hands to make this a serene and refreshing experience for you! I would highly recommend True Massage to others! It makes a wonderful gift or treat for yourself! Thank you, True Massage for a great experience!

"Refreshed, Renewed, Revitalized"

Amanda is at the very top of her profession. The treatment I've received is nothing short of extraordinary...she has found a way to make massage therapy an art form. After only two sessions I'm finding deeper peace, sleeping better, feeling my posture has improved and having a more positive outlook on everything. You can't put a price on this. I won't be going anywhere else!

Refreshed, Renewed, Revitalized

Having a diploma in Remedial Therapy I am very critical of therapists and often disappointed in their skills. Amanda is the only practitioner I return to and whom I would advise others to visit.

"Headache and Relaxation"

Amanda was incredible!!! I live in Fort Walton but I will travel to Niceville every time I am in need of a massage. Very clean, friendly, and peaceful environment. She is very knowledgeable and asks many questions to find out how she can help you the most. I did not feel rushed in any way and it was a very pleasant experience. Look forward to my next massage. Prices are also very competitive and her time is worth more if you ask me. Thank you Amanda!


I have always driven to Destin to get a massage, and was thrilled to find Amanda locally in Niceville. At the end of the massage I was totally relaxed and all the stresses from my everyday life with a busy job and children had been relieved. Amanda is a true professional and provides top-notch service. I think the best compliment I can give is that I have already recommended her to several co-workers and friends!

"Highly Recommended"

Amanda is professional and very knowledgeable. I have enjoyed adding regular massage to my health/wellness routine. I feel it has provided considerable benefits over the last several months. Each time I visit, she delivers a wonderful custom massage based on my individual needs.


I went to true massage with chronic pain and felt relief for the first time in a long time! Amanda took her time and worked out the tension and now I can move again! She was professional and the atmosphere was welcoming and relaxing. I would recommend this place to everyone and will be back!