Amanda Boone Owner True Massage & Licensed Massage Therapist

Amanda Boone 

Owner, True Massage & Licensed Massage Therapist ma55291
I have always placed priority on doing work that I find meaningful. I love helping people. That is why I chose to be a “full-time volunteer” with Habitat for Humanity and why I was delighted to be a job coach for adults with developmental disabilities. However, when my non-profit work became middle-management my stress began to multiply and my enjoyment lessened. I realized that I couldn’t sustain this lifestyle for the rest of my career. So, I enrolled in massage school at the National Holistic Institute in Encino, CA. I graduated in 2008 and moved back to Florida.  I opened True Massage in 2010 and owe my clients a tremendous debt of gratitude for enabling me to do work that I love. I am especially gifted in listening and in gently easing out muscle tension while maintaining relaxation.

Sandy Urbanczyk Licensed Massage Therapist Niceville FL

Sandy Urbanczyk 

Licensed Massage Therapist ma70831
My interest in health and wellness has always influenced my life choices. I graduated from Texas Tech University in 1989 with a degree in Human Development. I have worked as a Director of Religious Education and have been a certified leader for La Leche League International. I have four mostly grown children, and spent a number of years being a home-schooling-at-home mom.  Long before I decided to attend massage therapy school, I knew of the benefits that massage can offer for both physical and emotional care. Regular massage has often been my go-to for relief from the stresses of everyday life. During a time when I was experiencing stress induced back pain, massage was an integral part of my recovery. When my children were young, I learned infant and child massage, experiencing firsthand how wonderful it was to help calm them when fussy and to fall asleep with ease. Massage has become a valuable resource as they’ve grown into young athletes; helping with injury recovery and relieving soreness. My decision to become a licensed massage therapist was the natural next step for me. I have specialized training in medical massage, prenatal massage, and myofascial release techniques. It is a wonderful thing to observe the benefit of massage therapy in my clients. I work with people of all ages, children through adult, and I offer a client-centered massage. This means that I customize each and every massage session to the client’s needs and preferences.