Amanda Boone Owner True Massage & Licensed Massage Therapist

Amanda Boone 

Owner, True Massage & Licensed Massage Therapist ma55291
I have always placed priority on doing work that I find meaningful. I love helping people. That is why I chose to be a “full-time volunteer” with Habitat for Humanity and why I was delighted to be a job coach for adults with developmental disabilities. However, when my non-profit work became middle-management my stress began to multiply and my enjoyment lessened. I realized that I couldn’t sustain this lifestyle for the rest of my career. So, I enrolled in massage school at the National Holistic Institute in Encino, CA. I graduated in 2008 and moved back to Florida.  I opened True Massage in 2010 and owe my clients a tremendous debt of gratitude for enabling me to do work that I love. I am especially gifted in listening and in gently easing out muscle tension while maintaining relaxation.